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Rescue ME It's in the details
Rescue ME
Indoor wall diorama in 1/6 scale Two motors, 17 LEDs, turbine sound effect unit, all running on 6 v. suspended 40" out from wall on a acrylic (ball head) articulating mount. .............. for those that need helicopter.............. 24/7.............

There is no video clip yet

To The Moon One Small Step in 1/72 scale End table diorama H~24" x 18" dia. Over 60 LEDs, control panel and remote for moon phases.
Levitation diorama. MagTable diorama in 1/144th scale.
Levitation of Manta Ray, divers, shark, raft and Grumman Goose in a 7.5" X 7.5" X 9" format. Portable diorama with 8 LEDs. You ask portable? Yes. To turn it on you float the magnet over table. Once magnet is stable, you place diorama on mag-cylinder.This is fragile, unprotected detail that can easily be destroyed by a child or by some adults. That is the idea. Works like a clock, but can be broke like one also. Pure repulsion balance makes it work.


  About The Artist;

           Bill Christensen

   I have always loved to fish. I Have fished most of my life and all over the world. My ART comes from a background in Television, Illustration and Design. My love of FISH, Fishing and Aviation are incorporated into my works.


  My Illustrations are color pencil on black paper originals. I illustrate on black paper for the rich, true black it gives my compositions. Illustrating from a (negative) to a positive is a style that I have become accustom to.


 My Dioramas are a fun way to tell a story in three dimensions in a very small space. I have attempted to make the diorama a ART form for the desk, bookshelf or wall. I use hand crafted materials to create and sculpture a story in miniature. Exotic woods, metals,papers and plastics are used to produce a "Post Card" setting that is unique and tells a small story in detail.


 The Flying Fish series was a combination of My interests. I finally combined my intrest in Fish and Aviation into a Morphed creature of fantasy. I used Fiberglass Trophy Fish,scaled wings, cockpits, pilots and LEDs in the series.They are suspended sculptures or wall sculptures that depict a TROPHY like no other.

................................................PATAGONIA Chile
WELCOME..........Bill Christensen
..............................P A T A G O N I A Argentina
Infinity Mirror Infinity Fish
Infinity Fish
Infinity Fish Wall mirror optical illusion at 37"long X 15"high X 4" deep. El wire and 120 RGB LEDs with remote control. 12 v. system at 9 lbs.
Flying Fish walleye Suspended sculpture with 22 LED's and machine gun sound effect. 4 ft. wing @ 8 lbs. Hanging harness and 12 v. power unit included.
Open Studio 2 0 1 5 June 5th opening night, June 6,7,13 & 14............ 11 am~6 pm
Flying Fish
The Flying Fish series was a fun combination of my love for fish and interest in aviation. A series of six creatures that depict a morphing of Fish and Plane.
Some were designed as hanging sculpture and some as wall sculpture. The average Flying Fish is 30" long. Some works are with pilots and some with LEDs.
My dioramas are an attempt to create a story in 3~dimensinons in a very small space. All hand crafted, my dioramas are a slice of nature and fantasy. They are original works for the desk, bookshelf or wall.
All illustrations are done with color pencil on black paper. There are some exceptions. All illustrations are originals. The general dimensions are 22"x30". There are some works that are framed and matted if indicated.
I like black paper inorder to achieve a true black. This process is working the illustration from a negative to a positive.
My 3~Dimensional works vary. LED art works are electric paintings. Generally of animals. Hand drilled paper allows color LEDs to show through. Blinking,flashing LEDs add color and motion to each work.
The Flying Fish series was a morphing of fish and plane. Whimsical sculpture to be suspended or for the wall.
Dioramas as a Art form was my attempt to miniatureize a story for the wall, bookshelf or table top. Your Ideal fishing story in a hand crafted box.

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It

  This work is entering the final stages.  Illustrated river bed is how it all began. Color pencil on paper. The illustration was split at mid~river. Hand crafted land masses were also split. This created a downward flow. Elevated land masses were added on upper left & right of main    board. Over 60 trees, shrubs and 200 grass tufts were installed. Hand painted land masses and river rocks were added. Mountain lions with cubs, bears & cubs, deer, elk, moose, raven, eagle and chicks are hand painted. Float plane and boat were hand crafted. Fishing lines were crafted from Golden Retriever hairs.

  The three land masses were elevated 2.5" off base.  The three land masses then were back~ lighted by 300 programable LEDs. Remote controll included. Custom acrylic 1/4" case was made with interrior mirrors to duplicate lighting and landscape. Water surface is made of accetate template that is "anchored" from shore to shore.

______________ Open Studio 2o14 ___________
P i e d m o n t C a. November 1st. ~ Dec. 1st. 2013

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Thomas Cook | Reply 10.02.2018 10:32

Levitation diorama shows to great advantage your amazing vision in releasing the potential in an object. keep going at it !!

Bill Myers | Reply 01.08.2016 16:00

I have a great LINK for you. Send me your email address.

joey brite | Reply 15.11.2014 14:14

Hey Bill, it's joey brite! Would love to have you represented at our first-ever Winter Arts Fair Sat Dec 13 10am to 5pm. You game? Musically Minded Academy

Roland | Reply 14.03.2014 19:00

Hi Bill,
Wow! You have some incredible works of art....very inspiring! The decals really look great! Thank you for sharing. Best wishes

Sandra Petrich (formerly Hemsworth) | Reply 05.06.2013 19:37

Hi Bill- Please email me at if you have interest in showing at Olive Hyde Art Gallery. I have a show coming up that might me fun for you.

El Cisco | Reply 07.02.2013 18:30

Hey- pretty good! As you can see, I found your site! Keep it up!

sergio rivera | Reply 01.02.2013 10:10

Muy bien estimado amigo...hasta el proximo sour.

bill christensen 01.02.2013 20:52

Thank you buddy !

magaly sofia urrutia | Reply 31.01.2013 14:59

Eres un ser privilegiado,todo un artista nutrido de una alta calidad y creatividad,tambien veo que no eres conformista,siempre tienes coloridas pinceladas .

Mary | Reply 26.01.2013 21:01

Good fish! I think I'll skip the lemon and hang it right up there on the wall. :D

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10.02 | 10:32

Levitation diorama shows to great advantage your amazing vision in releasing the potential in an object. keep going at it !!

10.01 | 08:51

Good morning Joyce;
The infinity fish at Quinn's is one of a kind. I have a similar one that faces the opposite direction. They are both $1,000 ea. Thank you.

09.01 | 22:26

I have admired the LED fish at Quinns restaurant and the waiter
gave me your biz card. Curious as to pricing for your LED art.

Thank you,

01.08 | 16:00

I have a great LINK for you. Send me your email address.

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